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Affectionately dubbed WIMJAM, Women in Music Jamaica is the Jamaican local chapter of the larger Women in Music international organisation.

We’re an influential network of professional women working in various aspects of the music industry ranging from; artistes, musicians, managers, producers, engineers, public relations, music consulting strategists, distributors, and marketers.

By virtue of being active you are WIM!

To engender an environment that celebrates and empowers more women in the Jamaican music industry, through online platforms and events that; catalyse, coach, and connect new female entrants to the Jamaican music industry.

Our mission objectives include:

1. Catalyse

At WIM Jamaica, we are all about putting the careers and works of Jamaican women in music on frontstreet.

Consequently, we have programs and resources that help to buoy and propel the careers of those in our membership, providing a platform for promotional support and business planning resources for sustainability.

2. Coach

Independent creative talents and professional women across Jamaica’s music industry are greatly underserved and under-resources.

As such, a key component of WIM Jamaica’s rollout is educating the women in music through digital media content and workshop and seminar events.

3. Connect

As women in Jamaican music, we do not operate in isolation. WIM Jamaica endeavours to keep an active membership.

We facilitate ongoing connection amongst members and between members and their target audiences through networking activities, membership drives, and booking support.

4. Care

As women in Jamaican music, we care about activism and charitable work through the arts. Our charitable offerings include songwriting workshops and other activities aimed at empowering women through music.

WIM Jamaica is in the process of establishing itself as a charitable non-profit association and is an affiliate of Women in Music International. 

To preserve the legacy, promote engagement, and protect the rights of women in the Jamaican music industry.

Our events, known as WIMgigs, are wide-ranging in their scope and include:

  • – Promotional events
  • – Talent Showcases
  • – Educational and Networking opportunities

Meet the Wimming Team


WIM JAM Conceptualiser, & Chapter Chair

Chapter Chair of Women in Music Jamaica, Joan ‘J. Nanook’ Webley is a lawyer, justice of the peace, artiste, and serial creative business entrepreneur. She has spearheaded several cultural business initiatives and is often described as a cultural superhero.

Joan is the conceptualiser and a producer of Women in Music (WIM) Documentrary.


Vice Chair of Fundraising & Strategy

An artiste and socially-conscious techpreneur, Kerri-Anne C. Walker is the founder and face of boutique creative services brand Kei Dubb and the tech-platform Tech It Like A Girl.

She is a US Department of State Young Leader of the Americas (YLAI) Professional Fellow (a Barack Obama initiative) and serves as the Vice Chair of Fundraising and Strategy, Jamaica.


If you are a woman functioning in any part of the Jamaican music industry, then Join the Women in Music, Jamaica and stay connected to a thriving network of successful women within the Jamaican music space. 

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